Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Portugal - The Algarve 25th June - 2nd July

So after the big trip around the eastern part of the MED it was time to take in some MED vs Atlantic sunshine and I was lucky enough to be invited along to spend a few days taking advantage of a hotel room that my friend was using whilst at a conference.

The weather was quite cool but the sun quite fierce - similar to NZ with a high burntime around 10mins. The resort was filled with the usual corporate types and their families but well worth the trip.

The local town FARO was a let down. The most interesting residents were the Pelicans - see on the tower below.

The town is used as a start point to explore the coast and the old ruins around the place.

At the resort the woodpeckers spent their time knocking holes in trees and flying around like miniature teradactyls. The feathers on the back of their heads raise up like a teradactyl when they land.

They are also very cunning and it was almost impossible to get a photo of them in this pose.

The beaches are long golden sand beaches and the resort was aptly named Sheraton Pine Cliffs. This pretty much explained how the place looked. The cliffs tower above the beach and provide interesting colours at different times of the day as the sun strikes the rock.

The water was significantly less salty than the Adriatic and also a lot chillier - very refreshing after sitting in the hot sun all day.

Onto Rhodes next!