Thursday, June 29, 2006

City to Mountain - Lake Beld Slovenia 4-6 June 2006

So the intrepid adventurers set of from Ljub in a wee rental car and set out for Lake Bled with a few diversions on the way.

The most amazing thing about Slovenia is that it is so small (20,000 sq km) that you can do most things in a day trip from Ljub should you choose to.

Most of the villages are worth a visit to see the amazing scenery and view historic buildings, castles, etc as well as get a feel for local life.

The weather was cool but sunny - perfect for exploring mountains, waterfalls, caves etc.

Lake Bled is truly the stuff of Romantic fiction. A small lake set in the north of the Country with a Chapel sitting on an island in the middle of the lake.

A couple of hours after arrival we sat back and supped beers at the castle - overlooking the lake from a strategic position.

The next day was taken up with mountain biking and lake antics

The chapel has set of stairs leading up from the boat ramp to the building. Local legend - should a future husband carry his bride to be up the stairs then they are guaranteed of a happy life - nice legend but its a lots of stair I guess love should overcome all including climbing 99 odd stairs!!

Once you get to the top you can go into the church and ring the bell - its a wishing bell, so be careful what you wish for as youre in a church.

From visiting the chapel the team zoomed around the lake a couple of times on mountain bikes and then decided to bike up the hill opposite the castle to take a view across the lake to the castle on the other side. A very steep hill, it has a luge that rockets down it.

The next day saw us head to Lake Bohinj to climb a gorge to see a waterfall. The guide book showed swimming in the waterfall - this is however not the case - 553 steps later we arrived at the look out and were beseiged by mossies and could not access the pool.

From this stunning lake we set of for the next step of our adventure - and a night in Kobraid.